Concerned about the child growth path of art, not just focus on the acquisition of knowledge, the ability to develop and, more importantly Tao limitless life support, and it may open the keen observation of knowledge behind the artistry behind the rich experience, is About kindness and responsibility, love and dream experience and knowledge, both more important and more long-term or for social life, the latter supporting role.

"Golden Brush Cup" competition, organized by Asia-Pacific Juvenile Juvenile Calligraphy Art Association (ASIA TEENAGERS ART ASSOCIATION) initiate, to promote the vigorous development of the Asia-Pacific Children's painting career, to better identify and train talented children's artists. Marquez said, "Life is not lived in our day, but we remember the day, we have to tell and memories to reproduce in the days of" To this end, we have codified "2016 Asia-Pacific Yearbook Children's painting," according to the contest works of merit into the series.


Care of Children Art growth path for students to showcase artistic talent of the stage, students healthy aesthetic taste, good artistic accomplishment and interest in learning art, and constantly improve the overall quality of students; to promote the popularity of training institutions and school arts education activities and improve and promote the overall development of students and physically.


Rush years, childhood juvenile time flies short and brisk, looking back, life is a journey in one of the most warm start. Achievements in the arts of childhood memories of life to take root, growth, transformation, stretch and become our memory, mood and perception, become a heavy base knowledge and experience of the world.


Asia-Pacific Youth Arts Association


"Golden Brush Cup" Asia-Pacific Juvenile Calligraphy Competition Organizing Committee, "2016 Asia-Pacific Children's Painting and Calligraphy Yearbook" editorial.

Entry Details

Entry Details



Free theme, content, healthy and positive.


1, the Asia-Pacific region primary schools, kindergartens, youth centers, Youth Palace, social and cultural centers set up Students painting training institutions.
2. Contest Group: Children's group (4-12 years), Junior (13-15).


1. Entries must be original and independently, without teacher modifications.
2. Competition paperless, electronic version of the submitted works will be submitted in the form, photographing, scanning can be. Shooting works complete and clear, visible and painting details.
3, title of the work is "Author name + title of the work," such as "Guo Ya Xi" Happy Sunday ""

【Category works】

1, Fine Arts: Chinese paintings, drawings, gouache, watercolor, painting, children painting, computer painting, cartoons and the like.
2, calligraphy classes: soft brush calligraphy; Pen Calligraphy.
3, creative class: Welcome sand painting, stickers painting, snow painting, painted leaves and other include, but are not limited to such creative painting.


1, call for entries 2016.07.01-2016.09.30 (as of September 30 24 o'clock)
2, selected works 2016.09.30-2016.10.15
3, trophies payment 2016.10.15-2016.10.30
4, reserve "Yearbook" into the series 2016.10.01-2016.10.30
5, "Yearbook" release time 2016.10.30-2016.11.10




【Selection method】

1, contest the assessment by the first instance, the final two selection.
2, Painting 10 points: a clear theme 3.0 points, 3.0 sense of innovation, color balance 2.0 (sketches, creative except class), composition modeling 2.0;
;3 out of 10 Calligraphy: architecture wherein Font 3.0 points, 3.0 strokes, beautiful 3.0 points, 1.0 points and clean page.
Determine the winners based on the total score ranking.

【prize settings】

1, individual awards:
★ children Group: Golden Brush award 5% silver brush award 10%, 20% copper brush prize, award certificates will be awarded gold, silver, medals, awards a number of outstanding certificates will be awarded.
★ Junior: Golden Brush award 5% silver brush award 10%, 20% copper brush prize, award certificates will be awarded gold, silver, medals, awards a number of outstanding certificates will be awarded.

2, Group Award:
Entries more than 40 organizations awarded the "Excellent Organization" title, awarded plaque
Entries more than 70 organizations, awarded the "advanced collective of Education Award" title, awarded plaques, trophies Entries more than 100 organizations, awarded the "Asia-Pacific Youth Art elite" title, awarded a plaque, trophy.

3, instructor award:
Instructor participating organization, according to the number of entries and Awards, awarded "excellent teacher Pacific Gold,"
"Silver Asia excellent teacher", "Asia-Pacific Bronze excellent teacher." And certification

【Prize notification】

1 winner will be announced at the official website within 20 working days after the end of the contest.
2, honorary certificates, trophies, plaques, etc. distributed to the winners by courier, please contact kept clear contact information.




【Address turnaround】

Children group (4-12 years old):
Junior (13-15 years):

【Note turnaround】

Competition full use of the paperless office, mailbox turnaround is required to submit a full three files.

Entries (file name + title of the work the author's name); completed Registration Form (fill in the full name of the instructor); after remittance (electronic remittance shots, bank transfer receipt photos) above documents package sent to the corresponding mailbox.

【Tip Remittance】

1, Personal Communications group entries fee 40.00 yuan / piece, outside the mainland of $ 10.00 / piece.

2, Groups Group entries Communications costs 30.00 yuan / piece, outside the continent to $ 8.00 / piece.

3, works QSO fees remitted about account:

Commercial Bank of China 6,212,261,602,013,325,610 Guo Hongjun (Asia-Pacific Youth Arts Association Secretariat)

China Postal Savings Bank 6,217,994,510,009,819,947 Guo Hongjun (Asia-Pacific Youth Arts Association Secretariat)

Alipay Asia Pacific Youth Art Association (Guo)

【 Download the registration form】






Mainland China Office Address: China • Jinan Taishan International Building


Working QQ: 93880385

Official Website:

Competition Tel: 086-0531-87067413

Service Tel: 4006-117-221

【Yearbook into the series】

1, after winning the reservation included in the "2016 Yearbook of Asia-Pacific Youth Calligraphy and Painting" album, a limited number, according to the order of appointment into the series.

2, invited "outstanding instructor award" winner, included in the "Yearbook" Teacher's articles.

【Copyright attribution】

All works copyright ownership, the organizing committee, "Yearbook," the editorial board of the entries which display, reports, rights of publicity, and named authors. Organizing Committee reserves the right of final interpretation.